Taylec Ltd

About Taylec

Taylec Ltd is based in Bristol, UK, and is a consultancy specialising system development with over 30 years of industrial experience. We produce systems ranging from small embedded controllers to enterprise software solutions. We believe that the fundamental principle of Java - write once, run anywhere brings both commercial and technological advantages to the market place.

Taylecs aim is to be the "One stop embedded JAVA shop" providing both products and expertise to enable you to explore the world of embedded, network connected, JAVA. We have produced hardware for the TINI™ Embedded Java Controller and are one of the first UK distributors of a custom built mother board which houses the TINI™ Java Embedded Controller, offering a vast range peripheral I/O devices. We have worked in a wide varieties of industries, including Space, Military, Aerospace and telecommunications sectors providing software solutions.

About Taylec's services

Taylec Ltd designs and produces software and hardware solutions. To facilitate these solutions Taylec design a range of general purpose boards for use with devices like the TINI™ which we market as development and training tools. We take pride in the quality and value for money the products we sell have to offer and therefore, as well as our own range of products, we distributed for Systronics , Vinculum .and Snijder Micro Systems . Taylec can also provide help and advice from design to prototyping of your own custom hardware requirements using tomorrow's technology today. We have helped customers put their production machines on their company intranet and provided them with a user interface that was familiar to them - the web browser.

Below are some example of quotes we have had from customers:-

Bob from USA wrote - "I was very impressed with the speed of delivery of the TINI Tutor all the way from the UK It arrived in less than a week"

Paul from the UK wrote - "The tutor was the best introduction into embedded Java I could have bought. Within five minutes of unpacking it, I had it up and running with the example code that was provided"

Taylec goes LIVE!

Taylec Ltd strength comes from customer satisfaction and we relish the opportunity to meet with our customers and receive there feedback. We provided live demonstrations at trade shows to show just how flexible embedded JAVA is and what advantages it can offer. Below are just a few pictures from the ACCU conference we attended during 2001.

This sequence of pictures show a Robot ARM demonstration powered by a TiniTutor. When a delegate places a business card in the holder, JAVA program running on the TINITutor senses this and move the arm to pick up and deposit the card into a "contact bin".

The first picture shows the arm picking up a card that a delegate had placed in the holder. The arm then moves to the "Contact Card Bin" ready to deposit the card. The arm deposit the card into the bin.

The next picture shows our demonstration of SMS and web Messaging. The picture shows a scrolling LED display often used for signs etc. Here a user can send a message to the sign in real time by either pointing their web browser at the TINITutor or, by using a mobile phone they may "text" a message to the sign.

The sign above shows messages received live from the web or via an SMS message from a mobile phone.


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